Supporting "Athena"

The Parents’ Association is exclusively responsible for the financial support of the daily, monthly and annual expenses of the school.

The Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs of Greece is participating to the overall cost of the school activity only to the scale of appointing and covering the respective cost of the School Teachers needed for the daily and formal educational program.

All other expenses of the school activity (building rent and management, administrative, technical, after school program etc) are exclusively covered by the parents association.

Key mission of the school is to keep its doors open for any kid that wants to follow the Greek Educational System, whether they have or not, the finances to support the annual contribution cost. As such, the Parents Association is involved in a variety of fund raising activities that are dedicated mainly in the support of those families that do not have the financial means and to the overall improvement of the school facilities and the provision of added value services.

Direct your 2% from Romanian taxes

The Greek School of Bucharest “Athena” is a non-profit organization, it can benefit from the 2% clause in the Romanian law number 571/2003.

This means that any employer, employee or worker who pays salary taxes to the Romanian authorities, can redirect 2% of the tax that normally goes to the state’s budget, to any non-profit organisation based in Romania.

• The procedure is very simple by completing the special Form 230.

• Redirecting these funds is free, and does not lead to any extra costs for the person completing the form.

• The form is optional and can be completed by any person who earns a monthly wage in the Romanian territory.

• By filling out this form, you redirect a sum of money representing 2% of your annual tax payment, to the Greek School of Bucharest “Athena".

• This sum does not represent a sponsorship or donation, given that it is part of the state’s budget.

**The form will soon be available here