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Medical services

All kids take benefit from insurance and health care package, usually provided in collaboration with a leading, privately held health care provider.

Kids benefit from a rolling examination system that takes place at the school by doctors / pediatricians of the health-care provider.

All kids are insured for any accidents that may happen during the daily class hours.

Lunch & Meals

“My mother knows to cook better” is an expression quite often heard by Greek kids.

With respect to that, we invite all students’ mothers at the beginning of each season to an open event discussing the current nutrition trends. An auction between various catering companies is taking place then, where both moms and kids have the opportunity to taste and choose the preferential partner.

Participation to the daily lunch and meals schedule is not obligatory for the kids. Kids have also the option to bring their own packed lunch which can be consumed in the respective and designated areas. If heating is required, this is performed by our staff under the best and more safe conditions.

Kids transport

The school provides the option of transport services to all the kids and parents that require so.

School minibuses can be arranged thereby providing efficient and safe transport from home to school every morning and the return of children after the end of the daily schedule.

Transport services are not mandatory and the monthly cost depends on the number of students who apply and enroll.

The daily and annual schedule is planned at the beginning of each season following the reception and evaluation of the respective requests.