Our community

What we all do, it matters! Especially to our kids!

We are very proud to have in our community so many enthusiastic and bright members and supporters.

We do believe that our kids are our greatest investment in our lifes!

We always strive our minds for ideas and ways that will further foster relationships among the school, parents, and teachers.

Being a Greek Public School, it doesn’t mean we have only Greek kids thereby we encourage and promote activities that bring closer kids from our different communities.

We are also proud of being located in such a beautiful country like Romania with its rich and deep cultural history, wonderful landscape and great people.

Every parent is considered a member of the association. The annual fee of submission is a mere of 100E, money that go directly to the financial support of the annual expenses of the school.

Your ideas, time, effort and energy are always needed for the benefit of yours and ours kids.