Mission and values

The key mission of the Greek School of Bucharest «Athena» is to provide a safe learning environment to all kids in Romania that wish to be educated in accordance with the Greek Public Educational System.

Emphasis is given and in fact encouraged upon inquiry, teamwork, mutual respect, and collaboration.

After school courses allow us for flexibility and proper customization giving to our kids additional education, support and development of skills.

The school and the Parents Association, together, they promote a healthy and well balanced perspective of life through a mix of school and after school activities.

Being considered as a Greek Public School, we are not restricted from participating in a dozen of international, cultural and athletic activities and competitions thereby giving our kids the opportunity to interact domestically on a global level.

Our main purpose is to provide a total and integrated education at the highest level for our kids, based on the Greek values of culture and heritage: honesty, respect, tolerance, cooperation, responsibility and ethics.