The Greek School of Bucharest "Athena" was founded in 2008 and is considered the only public, by the Greek Authorities, School in Romania.

The School follows the Greek Public Educational System in terms of structure, learning and time program with high emphasis on the Greek values, culture and traditions.

The school was founded and still operates under a mutual collaboration agreement between a) the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs of Greece b) the Greek Embassy in Romania and c) the Association of Parents of the School.

Subject to this agreement: School teachers and top management of the school is appointed by the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs which is also financing their annual expenses, while the overall administration and operation of the School is covered and financially supported by the School’s Parent Association.

As such, all operating costs for the efficient and effective operation of the school, are financed by the parents, the Hellenic Business Community in Romania and numerous of physical persons.